Circle of Wealth® + Production Accelerator Course
2-yr subscription plus an online, instructor-led training program designed to accelerate your results!

Single payment of $4,000 (saves $800 over 2 years)
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What's included:

- Circle of Wealth® 2-yr Subscription

- Kick-Start Program in Atlanta, GA

- Online Production Accelerator Course

​​​​​​- PRO Level Member Resources

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​​​​​​​After the initial COW subscription is paid in full, there will be an ongoing annual renewal (

As a new user since Jan 2016 this course has been invaluable...I have gained so much confidence and must admit have studied a lot as well. Something must be working as I’m on track to triple my life premium this year over last year. My office partner & I are looking forward to COW College and plan to enroll in the Mentor Program.
– Bob B., St. Charles, MI